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Macrium Reflect 6.0 / Free 5.3

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Posted 27 May 2011 - 03:48 PM

Macrium Reflect is the complete disaster recovery solution. Using advanced, fast disk imaging technology, files, folders, partitions or entire disks can be securely backed up to an easily recoverable image.

Also available: Free, Home & Business Editions

Editions Comparison - http://www.macrium.c...eflectfree.aspx

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Posted 17 February 2015 - 09:14 PM

Macrium Reflect 6.0 released



  • Increased maximum partition size when imaging
    The maximum partition size that can be imaged is increased from 53.3TB to 3413.3 TB.
  • Rescue Media Optional Components
    The Rescue Media wizard now has a checkbox for Optional Components. When the checkbox is ticked, the rescue media will include all the required files for BitLocker and iSCSI support.
  • Upgrade Installation
    The upgrade process will now remove any old Version 5 boot menu options and wims.
  • VSS Fallback
    If VSS fails with a writer error then it now falls back to creating a shadow copy without writers. This is configurable in the program defaults.
  • Rapid Delta Restore
    Rapid Delta Restore is now the default restore option in Windows PE.

Bug Fixes: 6.0.460:

  • Scheduled backups task editing improvements
    Tasks can now be edited even if the backup definition xml file cannot be found.
  • v5 Scheduled tasks upgrade
    Editing tasks created with v5 could result in duplication of tasks. This has been resolved.
  • Home Edition not allowing ReDeploy
    The ReDeploy option was not available for the Home Edition. This has been resolved.
  • Save empty exclusions in File and Folder Filters
    A cleared folder exclusion filter in File and Folder backup would not cause the default value to be clear when next run. This has been resolved

Bug Fixes: 6.0.453:

  • Synthetic Full execution error
    The backup log reported an incorrect attempt to create a Synthetic Full. This has been resolved.
  • File and Folder file search error
    When searching for Files in a File and Folder backup the selection dialog would be disabled if the search was canceled. This has been resolved.

Bug Fixes: 6.0.452:

  • Rapid Delta Restore
    A memory error could occur during Rapid Delta Restore. This has been resolved.
  • File and Folder Backup Consolidation
    A program crash could occur during File and Folder backup consolidation when the retention rules cause incremental consolidation. This has been resolved.
  • Incorrect default file type in Windows PE
    When selecting the 'Browse for an image or backup file to restore' button in Windows PE the default file type was incorrectly set to 'File and Folder'. This has been resolved.
  • 'Backup Options' window error
    The 'Backup Options' view could display a blank window when resizing the splitter window. This has been resolved.