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How to Organize Your PC Cables

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Posted 07 December 2011 - 07:25 PM

How to Organize Your PC Cables
Your PC's case is more than likely cluttered with cables. Check out our illustrated guide to minimizing cable clutter and making your desktop cleaner, cooler, and more stable.

By Loyd Case, PCWorld Dec 7, 2011 3:00 am

I am not a neat person. You need only to see my desk to realize that. However, when it comes to my PC case, I keep the cables organized.

There are some good reasons to do that--and they have nothing to do with neatness. If you buy a new computer, especially an expensive powerhouse PC built for gaming or heavy-duty editing, one thing you notice is how neatly the interior is organized. Often, PC builders carefully route the cables along the case edges in tight bundles, making them almost invisible.

When you're tinkering with a PC, organizing the cables is a good habit to get into, for plenty of practical reasons.
You're ensuring that stray wires or cables don?t touch the fans, which would produce teeth-clenching noise and increase the heat around critical components. (Fans can also burn out this way.)
You can improve airflow throughout the case, so that the entire system remains cool and stable.
Good cable organization allows you to find the wire or cable you need when you have to unwind them to change out a component.

So here are some guidelines for organizing the cable clutter inside your PC. Rather than give abstract rules of thumb, I?ll walk through an example, and offer ideas and suggestions along the way.

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