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EU approves controversial new copyright law

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#1 Chachazz


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Posted 12 September 2018 - 08:49 PM

The EU lawmakers have voted 438-226 (39 abstentions) in favor of the EU Copyright Directive.


One part that may affect forums like ours is that "newspapers, magazines and other agencies receive a fee when content platforms link to their stories, so-called "neighboring rights""


Another major news website reports that "The final version clarifies that this will not include the sharing of hyperlinks to content such as news stories.


which means, we here at GSF, are today unsure if we can or cannot link to any news content published  in the EU or on EU websites.


You'll have to do a web search to read further...duh! :rolleyes:

#2 TheSentinel


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Posted 16 September 2018 - 03:13 PM



Yes, member Chachazz did confirm, what is the new reality at GSFs. The two new EU-laws, (copyright-law) and DSGVO keeps me thinking about, how (if) to continue with our board furthermore. It's such a shame what politicans do without any knowledge about the real IT-World at the web.  The German politican, who is responsible for that law didn't even know, what he and the other pro-voters did vote for.

I would post the refering links from the websites atof Heise (see Sept. 15th) and Netzpolitik.org here, but avoid to do so, cause I do not know if I (and all other's here) are running for any copyright violations.


It's not easy finding any good workers, knowing what they are talking and doing. So my hope is that things like these will change sometimes.....




#3 TheSentinel


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Posted 22 September 2018 - 08:52 PM



you all might be not interested in, what the new copyright law means for all forums, bloggers and similar webside owners. But what's behind the 'Ancillary rights' law ....


This law shall guarantee all media publishers to get an defined amount of advertising revenues from platforms like Facebook or Google. In the future even the shortest text snippets and web links will get treated by copyright and potentially become a kind of remuneration then.The law as planned will not affects the Internet giants like Facebook, Google, Twitter etc. only, but also private blogs and websites. Reports at blogs and websites about a f.e. Microsoft Conference or a simlpe local sports event might need permissions before publishing.

So what might happen to the wellknown Wikipedia-project which couldn't continue like before. In case of Wikipedia what efforts must be made before an entry there may be published in future? In future too, websites must check for the uploaded information and content if it's legal published otherwise the owners must delete these posts.

All users of social medias will have to check their small video clips for copyright issues, before spreding them. All send and shared info at f.e. WhatsApp and Co. need a closer look on copyright issues too....... Time to think about how the WWW might look in nearest future.


Right now the law gets discussed at Bruxelles behinde closed doors (a loud hurray to the EU claimed transparency) over the next weeks before it becomes sad reality. What can be done? Get active and check the web for information about that law. You'll find detailed info whom of your voted politicans should get contacted....



The Sentinel