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What's the best way to PREVENT spyware,scripts,etc

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#1 Deucefx


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Posted 02 June 2004 - 05:54 AM

I am tired of cleaning my system every week (or less), it takes me 30 minutes between using Adaware and Hijackthis, reading about the problems, booting in safe mode, deleting stuff...etc. And despite all this without fail I am reinfected with tons of spyware within a couple of days.

I.e. I flushed my system 2 days ago, today I ran Adaware, found 280 new items, deleted, got .dll missing errors, had to use Hijackthis to fix those...etc.

The battle against spyware is being fought and lost by me daily, and 99.9% of the websites I visit are major websites, so I doubt they are the cause. I don't fileshare anymore so that can't be the problem either, how am I getting re-infectly so quickly?

What's the best way to prevent all this stuff from infecting me in the first place? So that maybe I'll only have to clean my system every few months instead of every few days.

Also, pretty much the only thing I do is play games, so I'd prefer solutions that didn't use much memory, I try to keep my processes to a bare minimum so I can play games at full potential but at this point I'll try anything.

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#2 Donna


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Posted 02 June 2004 - 05:55 PM

Hi Deucefx

What's the best way to prevent all this stuff from infecting me in the first place?

I'm not sure if you've read this good post by CalamityJane - How to Stop Hijackers & Spyware Infections, And other malware too!. You will links of the free programs that you can install to prevent spyware, hijackers and other malicious codes.

You might consider the following stuff too:

1. WinPatrol

Features of WinPatrol:

- Increase your speed & system performance.
- Detect & Neutralize Spyware.
- Detect & Neutralize ADware.
- Detect & Neutralize Unwanted IE Add-Ons.
- Detect & Neutralize virus infections.
- Automatically Filter Unwanted Cookies.
- Stop Start Page Hijacking.
- Detect HOSTS file changes.
- Kill Multiple Tasks that replicate each other, in a single step!
- Stop programs that repeatedly add themselves to your Startup List!

2. Use a secure browser: Firefox or Mozilla

3. Consider installing SpoofStick - helps users detect spoofed (fake) websites.

4. Verify that your programs and Windows are fully patched because most malicious codes are taking advantage of unpatched system or programs. Frequently visit Windows Update and the website of the program that you are currently using to check for updates or patches.

5. Verify that you are not missing any patches.

Hope the above helps


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Posted 06 June 2004 - 05:46 PM

Hi , I would also make sure you have a decent personal firewall like Outpost , Sygate or Zonealarm running whenever you go online and keep an eye on your connections .

Or at least keep something like TCPView on hand to check what else is tagging along , it's a lot quicker than relying on Netstat to pick up unwanted guests:


You'll soon recognise when you have something trying to get in that isnt welcome and that can help stop a lot of spyware from getting in at all .

There shouldnt be too much of a reduction in system resources , and it sure beats removing all the garbage later.

Plenty of great programs to help protect yourself here :

There are various IP address Spyware blocklists you can use to automatically stop them in their tracks. ahah.gif

Also for script blocking there is a free program by Analog X here , which will be able to block most scripts from running with out your approval :

And this post at wilders.org has a very nice list to add into Script Defender

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