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Positive articles DefenseWall

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Posted 19 November 2006 - 02:01 PM

Articles DefenseWall

1. Test release 1.41 by Kareldjag.
This is a set of technical test to be able to compare effectiveness of different security programs. Because the
programs are tested against a spectrum of assaults there is no 100% score possible.
Kareldjag's idea of broad spectrum testing testing is adapted by some others (see next Aricle) only with different
real life circumstances. Have a look by clicking this link: http://security.over...le-3088768.html

Remember that only the part I of his test (broad spectrum of tests, each test evaluates the protection strength on
a single technical aspect). For zero day threats (virusses not in the black list of your Antivirus), Windows Exploits
(security holes in Windows, not yet patched by Microsoft) and real life test ('drive by surfing infection') or
useability test (easy to use by average PC user), Kareldjag test are not the industry standard.

2. Test release 1.71 by Gizzmo (the guy from the 46 best free utilities website)
This is a general test, where Gizzmo cherry picked the most important technical tests of the broad spectrym
test (I) of Kareldjag.

The most important difference is that the real life test is performed from the user's point of view.
The idea is that PC-users should not be asked difficult questions, either the system prevents or does some
intelligent analysis to assess the risk, but do not ask the user a question he/she does not understand.

DefenseWall was the leader of the pack, enjoy reading when you have bought DefenseWall (it is always nice
to see your choice confirmed by 'independant' tests).


I am not associated with SoftSphere technologies. Before I ended up in management and sales, I was a data base/network/systems (andsecurity) analyst (the days where a mainframe computer had 256KB of memory).

The company I am currently working for attended me on DefenseWall. My company allows employees to access the intranet/mail/agenda from home. You only have to sign a legal form which states that you will take maximum precaution and measures to keep your PC clean from visrusses which could harm the company's data.

To assist our employees on what maximum precautions they have provided a list of applications. This list was made after a three month survey (security versus useability versus price) by our IT-manager:

- For novice, normal and advanced users: Antivir free + CyberHawk free + DefenseWall (paid)
- For PC-experts, Geeks en techno freaks: Antivir free + SSM free + Sandboxie free

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Posted 22 November 2006 - 06:20 AM

Warmest congratulations, Ilya, on DefenseWall's superb high test scores. Well done. Well-deserved. DW IS the king!!! :king: