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What Facebook and WhatsApp's Data Sharing Plans Really Mean for Us

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Posted 18 September 2016 - 06:15 PM

Spanish: Lo que los planes de uso compartido de información entre Facebook y WhatsApp significan realmente para la privacidad del usuario
Portuguese, Brazil: O que os planos de compartilhamento de dados entre Facebook e WhatsApp significam para a privacidade do usuário

August 31, 2016 | By Gennie Gebhart

What Facebook and WhatsApp’s Data Sharing Plans Really Mean for User Privacy

UPDATE (9/12/16): We have clarified that users have 30 days after they first see WhatsApp's privacy policy update to agree or not agree to its terms. We have also clarified that accounts created after August 25 join WhatsApp under the new privacy policy with no option to refuse the data sharing it entails.

WhatsApp is establishing data-sharing practices that signal a significant shift in its attitude toward privacy—though you wouldn’t know it from the privacy policy update that popped up on users’ screens last week. The new policy lays the groundwork for alarming data sharing between WhatsApp and its parent company Facebook. The update screen that users see, however, mentions only benign new features like WhatsApp calling, and requires a user to click a “Read more” link to see any mention of how the data sharing arrangement will work for users. Where WhatsApp could have offered users up-front information and choices, the UI as it stands buries critical details and options. If WhatsApp wants to merge user data with Facebook, it should give users opportunities to make choices about their privacy—starting with a clearer, more informative UI.