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Mozilla: Revoking Trust in Two TurkTrust Certificates

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Posted 04 January 2013 - 04:43 AM

Mozilla Security Blog - January 3, 2013

Revoking Trust in Two TurkTrust Certificates


Update: For clarification, the last sentence of this post references our actions to suspend inclusion of a TURKTRUST root certificate. There are currently two TURKTRUST root certificates included in Mozilla’s CA Certificate program. TURKTRUST had requested that a newer root certificate be included, and their request had been approved and was in Firefox 18 beta. However, due to the mis-issued  intermediate certificates, we decided to suspend inclusion of their new root certificate for now.



TURKTRUST, a certificate authority in Mozilla’s root program, mis-issued two intermediate certificates to customers. TURKTRUST has scanned their certificate database and log files and confirmed that the mistake was made for only two certificates.

This is not a Firefox-specific issue. Nevertheless, we are concerned that at least one of the mis-issued intermediate certificates was used for man-in-the-middle (MITM) traffic management of domain names that the customer did not legitimately own or control. We are also concerned that the private keys for these certificates were not kept as secure as would be expected for intermediate certificates.



An intermediate certificate that is used for MITM allows the holder of the certificate to decrypt and monitor communication within their network between the user and any website. Additionally, If the private key to one of the mis-issued intermediate certificates was compromised, then an attacker could use it to create SSL certificates containing domain names or IP addresses that the certificate holder does not legitimately own or control. An attacker armed with a fraudulent SSL certificate and an ability to control their victim’s network could impersonate websites in a way that would be undetectable to most users. Such certificates could deceive users into trusting websites appearing to originate from the domain owners, but actually containing malicious content or software.



Mozilla is actively revoking trust for the two mis-issued certificates which will be released to all supported versions of Firefox in the next update on Tuesday 8th January.

We have also suspended inclusion of the “TÜRKTRUST Bilgi İletişim ve Bilişim Güvenliği Hizmetleri A.Ş. © Aralık 2007” root certificate, pending further review.

Additional action regarding this CA will be discussed in the mozilla.dev.security.policy forum.



This issue was initially reported to us by Google, Inc.


Michael Coates
Director of Security Assurance