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Use 'Spike' to Copy and Paste Text in Word

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Posted 17 August 2010 - 03:50 AM

There is a little known feature in word that allows you to gather groups of text and/or graphics from different locations in a Word document and then paste all of that text into another location. The Spike feature is available in versions of Word from 97 through 2010.

It is called the Spike and it is different in than the Clipboard, which allows you work with only copied set of text at a time. The Spike is named after an old-fashioned paper holder onto which people poked papers as they were done with them. You may still see the old-fashioned version of the Spike in use in some retail stores.

To gather information into the Spike in Word, simply select the text you want to add and press Ctrl + F3. This cuts the information from your document and places it into the Spike. You can continue to cut parts of your document and Word will continue to add the cut text to the Spike.

To paste the collected text, place the insertion point at the location in the current document, a new document, or another existing document where you want to paste the text. Press Ctrl + Shift + F3 to paste the text from the Spike at the insertion point. All the information in the Spike (not just the last text you cut into there) is pasted into your document at the insertion point.

NOTE: When you use the Spike, you are cutting or removing text from its original location, NOT copying text.

Full article with more tips: