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Jetico Personal Firewall

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Posted 07 April 2005 - 09:58 PM

Jetico Personal Firewall
for Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP
v.1 freeware
The latest fixes and improvements

We are pleased to introduce first version of our new software - Jetico Personal Firewall. The software offers detailed, configurable event logs, reports, plus the option to view and edit the firewall configuration. The modular architecture is as open as possible to assist with easier evaluation of the security.

The Jetico Personal Firewall enables you to:
Protect your computer against hackers and malicious software when networked or connected to the internet.
Choose a pre-defined Security Policy.
Edit an existing Security Policy (i.e. the firewall rule set configuration).
Create your own Security Policy.
Monitor running applications that access the network.
Monitor selected/all network packets as well as selected network events.

Three-layer protection:

I. Low-level. (Network packet filter). This checks the validity of network packets and parameters such as source & destination addresses, protocol, etc. Using this process, Jetico Personal Firewall can make your computer invisible to a non-trusted network. By selecting the Optimal Protection Policy, your computer becomes "stealthy". Any security probing tests (for example, ShieldsUp! tests) by internet hackers will report that your computer does not exist.

II. Application-level. (Network events filter). This checks and enables you to monitor network/internet connection requests made by applications. If you are not sure why an application wishes to send or receive data from the Internet you can limit or block the activity.

III. User-level. (Process activity filter). This notifies you of and prevents dirty tricks by Trojans and other malicious programs. (A Trojan can inject its own code into programmes on your computer and send data about you to a third party. e.g. a Trojan in Internet Explorer could transmit details of your browsing preferences.)

At the moment Jetico Personal Firewall detects and prevents the activity of malicious programs found in these test programs such as: AWFT, DNStest, Copycat, FireHole, Ghost, LeakTest, MBTest, Outbound, PCAudit, PCAudit2, Surfer, Thermit, TooLeaky, WallBreaker, Yalta and Yalta Advanced (*).
(*) The Yalta Advanced test program incorrectly reports that packets are successfully sent even though Jetico Personal Firewall rejects them. You can test this for yourself by configuring the test program on a second computer where you can log all incoming traffic. The Jetico Personal Firewall will reject Yalta's packets, and you will not detect them on your second computer.

Total control over network events

The user can view the list of critical network events in the firewall Log tab. For example, if the firewall rejects some dangerous network packet, a correspondent string appears in the list of logged events.

In general, the user can evaluate all the network traffic that is under control of the firewall. Besides of this, the user can enhance a pre-defined firewall Policy set of rules. In the Configuration tab in the firewall interface you may notice a "tree" structure of the firewall rules set, created for the selected Policy. The user can add his/her own rules, view or edit existing rules or make firewall log events, correspondent to some firewall rules.

Jetico Personal Firewall performs Stateful Inspection of applications' network activity. It means that the firewall examines the states of all internet connections, looking for the telltale signs of hacking, such as source routing or IP spoofing. Connections that exhibit these characteristics are dropped.


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