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Using GSF search function

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Posted 25 May 2015 - 11:52 AM



Forums do collect a lot of information. But users problem: how can I find information, I am interested in? Well at GSF you might run a search with various parameters, settings and ways to get what your are looking for.


At the upper right corner you find a long, white block, you can initiate any searches at GSF:


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For a fast Q 'n D (Quick'n Dirty) search enter any word instead of Search.... and press <ENTER> or click on the green colored magnifier . Note: You might get lot of results you are not looking for. To narrow down the result further use Search sections to differ your search to get bit more specific.


Clicking at Attached File  02_1.gif   1022bytes   0 downloads does open a list with additional search sections:


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For an exhausting search click on that little gearwheel in the upper right corner Attached File  03.gif   1007bytes   0 downloads . A larger search menu opens, offering you lot of settings for your search:


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Explanation of that menu:

GSF's search function has 3 sections. First for entering your words and / or phrases and where you want to search. In second one you can narrowing your results by using any time range, author or tags. Third section gives you some more asistance like defining forums how your search results should get displayed.

* Find words

Define your search phrase here, entering all words. Specific phrases need words by "enclosing it in quotes" f.e. "Microsoft Explorer".


Search in section..

** Forums     : Define the forum you want to search within.

** Members   : Enter the name of any GS member here.

** Help Files  : Start your search for information in the help file section.

** Calendar    : Besides words and / or phrases, please enter a time range from day 1 to day 2. Use the little calendar symbol  Attached File  05.gif   987bytes   0 downloads  to define the time range 1 to 2.


* Match                   : Running a search by single words allows you to define if search system should check for all , any words in title, content or both (title + content)


* Find tags              : Sometimes members did left any tags for marking their post, but thats a rare search item at GSF

* Find author          : Enter the user name of an GSF member


* Find by date        : Besides words and / or phrases, please enter a time range from day 1 to day 2. Use the little calendar symbol  Attached File  05.gif   987bytes   0 downloads  to define the time range 1 to 2


* Find in forum       : Chose a forum you want to start your search within with your search criteria


* Display resulsts     : If you expect large search results, chose As topic list otherwise As post for the complete content of a topic


* Topic with at least : Here you can tell the system to display topics only which have a defined amount of replies.


* Result sorting        : Another item for displaying your search results sorting for Last Update time, Title, Replies, Views in Descending or Ascending order



When you finished with defining your search, press Attached File  06.gif   1.48KB   0 downloads at lower right corner to proceed your search.



Good luck

Your GSF Administration


Note: You can use the search engine with a valid user account at GSF and being online at the forum!