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WinPatrol 2013 - v 29.2

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Posted 05 January 2013 - 12:28 AM

WinPatrol 2013 -v 26.1.2013

January 4, 2013


*New* Access Windows 8 Advanced Safe Mode
No matter which version of Windows you use the newest WinPatrol 2013 makes updating worth while. If you've considered upgrading to WinPatrol PLUS this is the version that will make it a great investment.

Using WinPatrol to automatically switch to Desktop mode has been a popular Windows 8 trick in WinPatrol 2013. Details are available if you click here

Our newest version includes enhancements for all versions of Windows and we still found some barely documented tricks that WinPatrol can use to provide features every Windows 8 user should know how to access. The feedback from our last version encouraged updates for all users but also indicated more users had upgraded to Windows 8 then we expected.

New in 26.1.2013:
• Bug fixed in the" First Detected" Date for Active Tasks

• Bug fixed when hidding the Scotty System Tray icon.
• New Option to "Run As Adminstrator" for any programs launched by WinPatrol in Delayed Start list.

• Added Minimize, Maximize buttons as requested by just about everyone for the last 15 years. While not typically used in tabbed windows popular demand encouraged the development of tricks to make it happen.

• Complete update of WinPatrol Help pages. Documentation is included locally and is available on each tab by clicking blue help icon. This feature has been considered essential for new and/or non-expert users. Each help file includes a link to any updated information including better ways to teach WinPatrol based on user feedback.

• On many machines Windows 8 boots so quickly there is no time to press F8 to open Safe Mode. A little known feature to Reboot to a Windows 8 Advanced Repair/Restore mode replaces Windows Safe Mode. This new feature is currently only available in WinPatrol PLUS. Just right-click on any file and select "Restart Windows for Repair in Safe Mode."

Download: »www.winpatrol.com/

See Changelog for more info & screenshots. smile.gif


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Posted 06 March 2013 - 05:32 PM

WinPatrol 2013 version 27.


Today we're happy to announce the powerful and secure WinPatrol 2013 version 27. This new version not only fixes a pervasive malfunction many of you have reported but we;ve added a useful, frequently requested new feature.


* New
- Automatic Update Notification
- WinPatrol Crashing When Replying to Changes



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Posted 19 April 2013 - 02:24 AM


WinPatrol 2013 - v28

April 17, 2013


• WinPatrol Maintenance and Reset Tools
• Plus Information search box added to the Plus tab
• Windows Services - Automatic (Delayed Start)
• User Interface Improvements
• Registration Improvements
• Improved Handling of Invalid Filenames
• Better Display when File Does Not Exist



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Posted 17 July 2013 - 03:27 AM

WinPatrol 2013 - v28.5.2013 released

V28.5.2013 Update - July 15th, 2013


This update provides enhancements and fixes to version 28. The number of changes have been done to support machines that have 64 bit processors. The other major enhancement is in the removable of unwanted toolbars that won't uninstall correctly. This type of enhancement will continue in future updates.

• Fixed dialog used to select current user or all users when launching a program.
• Fix to Delayed Start programs that don't properly launch
• Moved Repair and Reset Tools from PLUS to Options tab//screen.
• Enhanced removed of unwanted toolbars.
• Improvements to Community Shield based on other WinPatrol users.

Registration Improvements
When installing WinPatrol you'll be asked to supply your name, country and email. This information is used for statistical reasons to help BillP Studios understand the rate WinPatrol is installed, how installations react to promotions and especially how we can make WinPatrol PLUS the best possible value. Your name and email is used as a unique identifier and also helps to quickly find any requested PLUS codes that may be lost..

Anyone concerned about privacy didn't have to provide their truthful information but still had to fill in the form to continue.. Even though it's a standard practice to request registration for free software we don't want to alienate any fans of WinPatrol.


Version 28.0 found a new way to provide the same statistics without requiring a name or Email. All registration information is now optional.

Improved Handling of Invalid Filenames
When programs are uninstalled poorly there can often be left over characters or spaces that frequently trigger WinPatrol alerts that contain no information. This version reduces the possibility of corrupted filenames.

Better Display when File Does Not Exist
Much of the information displayed by WinPatrol comes from registry and our goal is to let users see what's in the registry without having to know how to use regedit.exe. In some cases, programs have been registered but the file no longer exists. Often other security software removes the file but doesn't update registry pointers. This version make it more obvious when a file no longer exists and is no possible threat.


Download: »www.winpatrol.com/

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Posted 13 August 2013 - 02:57 PM

WinPatrol™2013 v28.6.2013
August 12th, 2013

"While malware infections range from ransomware to programs that control centrifuges, the biggest complaint lately has been software that installs toolbars and takes over home and search pages. A large number of companies are now including unwanted software with their regular updates. The payments received for tricking users into installing ad driven search pages provide huge incentives. If you find software that seems to require updates every week I would say 1) the company is counting on you not seeing a checkbox that give permission to download unwanted programs or 2) the programmers are so bad they can't fix bugs or security vulnerabilities.

This update provides enhancements and fixes to version 28 especially related to changes made to a Start page, Search Page, Background screen commonly used by ransomware and other common attack vectors. Text is more more useful and there are more Help buttons so alert messages can be reduced..

• Our timing and text describing page changes has improved and now a Help button.
• Support for displaying a new Service type (Trigger Start) that is now supported by Windows 8.1.
• Fix bug when Removing programs from registry when they are disabled.
• Fixed error restoring Shortcut or .lnk files that were removed but available in history file
• Options & Reports menu text fixed
• Restart no lonnger required to enter Name and Code if they have been cleared by Reset and Repair screen"


Downloads: »www.winpatrol.com/download.html

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Posted 05 September 2013 - 08:55 PM

 WinPatrol2013   v28.9 



Microsoft has made great advancements in security yet machines continue to fall victim to attacks, suffer from poor user choices and receive unwanted programs included with legitimate software. WinPatrol considers security essential but also provides the knowledge needed to configure systems to run at optimal performance. Features are designed for both experts and users with little understanding of computers.

  • Disable Bug Fix 28.8.
    As sometimes happens when you add one feature you break another. For anyone who installed WinPatrol 28.8 on a non Windows 8 system the "Disabled" status of startup programs is now being displayed propertly. This version 28.9 will fix that problem.
    (All Users)

  • Update Notification.
    Ironically one of our new fixes relates to text on our PLUS screen that lets you know when a new version is available. By popular demand WinPatrol will now send a message letting you know when a new build is available. When this notification is displayed we also change the text on the PLUS screen to remind you. Unfortunately, the text didn't always reset after you upgraded to the new version. This version will resolve that issue.
    (All Users)

  • Windows 8 Task Manager.
    Instead of using MSConfig, Windows 8 includes a list of Startup programs as a tab in the new Task Manager. Users can disable startup programs using the Windows Task Manager. While WinPatrol's "Disable" feature includes additional features it now recognizes choices made by the Task Manager and will alert Task Manager when files are disabled by WinPatrol. As in the past WinPatrol will monitor programs which are disabled so if they are forced back to normal by a partner program, WinPatrol will automatically reset them to disabled unless you click to Enable the program. (Windows 8 Only)
  • Installation Program Update.
    The WinPatrol setup program will no longer launch regedit as part of the install process. In the past, regedit was used to set some useful examples on how to use the feature that allows WinPatrol to monitor any registry location. Launching regedit was not acceptable to some secure systems and with so many different versions of Windows not all of our examples were useful on all platforms. A help file is still easily accessible on the Registry Monitoring tab.
    (All Users during setup. PLUS required for custom registry monitoring.)

  • Windows XP Enhancement..
    As part of our dedication to XP users we've improved performance that can sometimes be affected by large Temp Internet Folders or hard drives with little space. Even if you don't use Internet Explorer unrelated quirks can sometimes occur when the temp file grows too large. For more information on healthy temp files reading Free #1 Tweak to Improve Windows Performance While for safety we recommend XP users upgrade to Windows 8 before the end of support from Microsoft next April, WinPatrol will continue to detect changes including zero-day infiltrations on Windows XP systems. (Windows XP SP2 & SP3 and Windows Vista users.)


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Posted 25 September 2013 - 06:24 AM

WinPatrol 2013 - 28.9.1 Update

  • Fixed handling of references to environment variable %windir%
  • Fixed Services dialog crashing found by Delete on Reboot function.


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Posted 22 October 2013 - 01:26 AM

Welcome to WinPatrol v29.



WinPatrol2013      -              v29.0  

October 19th, 2013


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Posted 02 December 2013 - 10:51 PM

WinPatrol 29.1 is now available. Updated December 2nd, 2013

Artificial Intelligence Security
This new feature will increase WinPatrol's value exponentially over time. It will also be accessible for our future apps like Task Catcher "Extreme" and other partners interested in licensing the technology. Unlike the Optional sharing of choices used on our Community Info pages, all A.I. Security data is kept private on your machine.

Testing of Task Catcher Extreme is restricted to current Task Catcher customers and/or BillP Studio Associates who agree to a strict NDA. Still in development our WinPatrol-Powered A.I.S.provides the 3rd generation of unique ideas created by BillP Studios to detect and stop dangerous new threats without crippling your computer.
We believe a passive approach can still be used to detect and shut down instant attacks like Cryptolocker. We're seeing a trend in threats that remain in memory instead of becoming resident in the Windows registry or hard drive. These attacks will not be detected by most traditional Anti-Virus programs.

Improvements and Bug Reports
• Semi-Transparent Alert messages on Windows 8 make Scotty less intrusive.
• Manifest file updated to support presistant WinPatrol window size and positions when using alternate DPI settings.
• Improvements to our Active Task List and more success Killing of active tasks using multi-selection standards.
• Introduction of new triggers to increase performance by reducing redundant monitoring(PLUS Only)
• Improved performance of change detection on our free version.
• Improved screen UI and description when a change is detected for the Windows Update settings.
• ( Did you know WinPatrol monitored changes to the Windows Update? )
• The default setting for File Explorer integration is now disabled. It's been pointed out that a large number of programs taking advantage of the right-click context menu wthout asking. We also don't want to seem like we're nagging users to upgrade to WinPatrol PLUS.

More info & downloads: »www.winpatrol.com/

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Posted 08 December 2013 - 02:46 AM

WinPatrol 29.1.1

December 6th, 2013

Quick Fixes

  • Fixed false warnings about changes to Windows AutoUpdate status
  • Reduced warnings of daily Microsoft updates that created Uninstall warnings

More info & downloads: http://www.winpatrol.com/

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Posted 10 December 2013 - 11:22 PM

WinPatrol  v29.2 

December 9th, 2013