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USBdlm with server 2003

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Posted 30 July 2011 - 02:35 PM

Anybody know how to make the USBDLM work with 2003 server. I have no problem with XP. I create the ini file and put the entire set of files into C:\program files\usbdlm. The service starts and stops correctly, but never changes the drive letter. I am using an add-in PCI SATA card (Addonics) for the additional SATA drive in an external enclosure. I have tried BusType, VolumeLabel, and serial number for the drive identification. The OS sees this Addonics device as a SCSI card. So the ini file looks like:
; This is a sample for an USBDLM.INI
; Create a new USBDLM.INI or rename it to USBDLM.INI

; More informations in the help file USBDLM_ENG.CHM

;------------------------------ Settings -------------------------------------

;here you can let USBDLM remove driveletters of cardreaders as long
;as there is no media present

;here you can let USBDLM write a logfile, default is _USBDLM.LOG in
;the root of the Windows drive

;---------------------------- BalloonTips -------------------------------------

;this activates balloon tips and sets their show duration in milliseconds

;-------------------------- the drive letters ---------------------------------

;here you can define new default drive letter for USB drives


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Posted 30 July 2011 - 03:23 PM

Hi cmann97

Welcome at GSFs. Hope you'll enjoy our small community like many others before.

Found this:
Windows Server 2003

Windows Server Enterprise and DataCenter Edition do not assign drive letters to new fixed drives (USB and Firewire disks are usually 'fixed'). This is up to the administrator because otherwise SAN (Storage Area Network) drives might be mounted accidentally.
This feature is called AutoMount and can be enabled by means of the DiskPart tool: Open a commandprompt, enter diskpart, on the DiskPart prompt enter automount to see the current state or automount enable to enable it.
Or install my USB Drive Letter Manager which can assign a drive letter for USB and firewire harddisks without affecting other types of storage devices.


When drive letters didn't change I would send an email to the developer of that program. Email address can be found at the first side of this product.