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F-Secure Mac OS X 10.5 Protection Technology Beta Program

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Posted 12 June 2009 - 03:32 AM

F-Secure Mac Protection Technology Preview Program
Latest version (1.0) released on May 20, 2009.
  • Protection against malware with minimal impact on the performance of your computer.
  • The service will always be up-to-date thanks to transparent automatic updates.
  • In this initial version, the malware detection capabilities are limited to detect Eicar test file, the actual database updates will be automatically delivered later during the beta program.
For more information about the service, system requirements and a list of current known issues, read the Release Notes document.

Benefits for beta program participants
  • An early preview of the new service and the ability to provide feedback on how to improve the service before it will be publically available.
  • A free one-year subscription and regular prizes for users who actively send us feedback.
  • Power of influence: to be part of making a unique security service for the Mac community.
Supported operating systems
- Mac OS X 10.5 on Intel platforms

Sign up for the Beta Program:

The meaning of "Beta" ...(courtesy of asp.net pro)
  • Law #1: Beta software is not production software. It should not be distributed to anyone who may mistake it as such.
  • Law #2: Beta software will crash, and crash often. If beta software did not crash, it would be called production software.
  • Law #3: You should not rely on beta software to get your job done. It may not be there for you when you need it.
  • Law #4: Beta software does not have to play well with others. It has free reign to crash any of the other applications on your PC (or your PC itself). It may also force you to re-image your PC.
  • Law #5: Beta software does not have to have a smooth upgrade or uninstall process. You should be prepared to lose all your application data (especially between beta releases).
  • Law #6: Beta software is not feature-complete. Grayed-out menu options and buttons that launch message boxes that say “Not implemented yet” (or worse) are the norm.
  • Law #7: Beta software is rarely supported beyond e-mail, forums, and newsgroups. Not even Microsoft deviates from this law.
  • Law #8: Beta software is not demo software. Demo software is production-quality software with licensing or usage limitations placed on it. Beta software simply isn’t done yet.
  • Law #9: Beta software is not a marketing tool, unless buggy, unstable, and incomplete software are attractive qualities to your customer base. Only existing, well known, and forgiving customers should be beta testers.
  • Law #10: Murphy’s Law, which covers everything else ...

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Posted 25 May 2010 - 10:11 PM

Technology Preview build B8534.C8121