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Quicktabs at Windows 7

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Posted 15 August 2010 - 09:22 PM


found these Win-Tab combinations. Most of them are known,others came along with Vista and/or Win7. But it's good to have them handy:
Win means here the Windows logo tab.

Win + D = show desktop

Win + E = open Windows Explorer

Win + F = open Windows search

Win + L = lock computer, disconnect current user

Win + R = start a program, enter command console

Win + T = turn over icons in task bar left to right

Win + P = switch between connected displays and/or other display devices (f.e. beamer) in a multiple screen environment

Win + SHIFT + T = turn over icons in task bar right to left

Win + X = starts Windows Mobility Center on notebooks, laptops and netbooks

Win + Tab = turn over open windows forwards

Win + SHIFT +Tab = turn over open windows backwards

Win + Strg + Tab = fixing preview of Aero Windows and turning over with cusor keytabs

Win + Cursor up = maximizes actual window

Win + Cursor down = minimizes actual window

Win + Cursor left = move windows left half of the screen

Win + Cursor right = move windows right half of the screen

Win + SHIFT + Cursor left = switch to monitor left hand

Win + SHIFT + Cursor right = switch to monitor right hand

Win + Pos 1 = minimize all windows on background (similar to Aero Shake)

Win + M = minimize all open windows

Win + U = opens the Center for easier handling

Win + SPACE = make all open windows transparent

Win + 1...9 = starts program x (1=left or first listed program) on task bar. Multiple pressing of that key combination starts multiple instances of that program

Win + +/- = zooming in/out with screen magnifier

STRG + scroll wheel up/down = changing size of desktop icons

Strg + Shift + Esc = opens the taskmanager

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New hotkey codes added

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Posted 20 August 2010 - 02:23 PM

Microsoft offers an own page at the web listing nearly all hotkey tabs which can be used at the OS and in various MS applications