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Outpost Firewall Pro

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Posted 13 October 2004 - 11:28 PM

Outpost Firewall
Being online is fraught with dangers: Internet worms, spyware agents, Trojan horses, hijackers and more can wreak havoc, causing anything from slow performance to system crashes to full-blown identity theft. And to provide you with the kind of protection you need in these days of cyberthieves and online extortionists, your firewall must be able to monitor all inbound and outbound traffic and protect you from any unauthorized intrusion by rendering your PC invisible to anything that you haven’t authorized to see it

Outpost Firewall PRO Benefits
  • NEW! Protection from spyware and identity theft
    New anti-spyware capabilities built into the program protect your computer against the rapidly increasing threats from spyware and ID theft. Spyware cannot enter, activate on, or transmit information out of computers protected by Outpost 3.5. The ID Block feature lets you determine which specific items of personal information, for example bank account numbers, are blocked from ever leaving the computer.
  • Know what's happening on your PC at all times
    Outpost’s Network Activity Monitor watches every connection between your computer and the Internet, alerting you immediately to any communications that may be unauthorized so you can take appropriate action.
  • Automatic, intelligent protection against hacker attacks
    Outpost’s Attack Detection automatically blocks network probes, zombie attacks, and other remote attempts to access your PC, using its continually-updated intrusion definitions database.
  • Control how applications communicate
    Outpost’s Component Control, Hidden Process Control, and Open Memory Control let you decide what applications and processes on your PC are allowed to do and what - if any- outbound connections they may make. Spyware can’t phone home from an Outpost-protected PC.
  • Understand the threats
    Every time Outpost 3.5 asks you for information regarding action to be taken, the new Smart Advisor helps you to choose the best course of action by displaying context-sensitive hints and live advice. So you’ll never need to wonder whether you’ve made the right security decision, and you’ll learn something new about firewall security every time.
Product Info: Outpost Firewall PRO
Download: Outpost Firewall PRO

The FREE version of Outpost Firewall offers a basic protection solution for casual web surfers and low budget systems. Please note Agnitum does not provide personal Support Service or any other advice via email for Outpost Firewall FREE.

Key Benefits
Basic Firewall Protection
Standard packet and application filtering safeguard your computer from unwanted communications.
Connections Monitoring
Lets you see network activity in real time, to help define inappropriate connections and close them right away.
Surfing Protection
Maintains your privacy on the Internet, keeps browser protected from Internet dangers.
More Information: Outpost Firewall Free

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Posted 14 October 2004 - 12:31 AM

A Guide to Producing a Secure Configuration for Outpost
The following suggestions are intended to help provide a more secure configuration for those running Outpost with the emphasis on restricting outgoing traffic. With the increasing amount of software attempting to "phone home" without user consent, and the increase in the number of trojans and viruses seeking to disguise their activity as legitimate Internet traffic, having a restrictive policy on what is allowed out is now every bit as important as limiting what is allowed in.
More Info--->
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More Info: Secure Configuration for Outpost