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Password Safe 3.47.2

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Posted 16 February 2016 - 06:04 PM

Password Safe 3.38.2


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Posted 06 July 2016 - 05:08 PM

Password Safe 3.39 for Windows

4 July 2016


Bugs Fixed:

  • 1334 An empty group is now correctly changed to a normal group when an entry is copied into it via Drag & Drop.
  • 1330 Duplication of an alias or shortcut base entry now correctly results in a normal entry.
  • 1319 Re-implement fix for BR 1319 so that the added entry no longer appears always selected until the display is refreshed.

- Export of a complete database to XML now includes all Named Password Policies.

- When renaming a group, all empty subgroups are now correctly renamed.

- Disable switch to read-only when unlocking with changes pending



Changes to Existing Features in V3.39

  • 806 The group will be saved as an "empty group" when the last entry with this group value is deleted. This is similar to the action of the filesystem when the last file within a folder/directory is deleted.
  • 463 Double click on a word in the Notes field, e.g. for copy & paste, now no longer includes any trailing spaces. This is different to the standard Microsoft processing in their products.


Download - https://sourceforge....s/passwordsafe/

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Posted 08 July 2016 - 02:30 PM

PasswordSafe version 3.39.1 for Windows has been released.

6 July 2016


  • This release fixes a regression that crept into 3.39, breaking non-English language support.

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Posted 27 September 2016 - 07:25 PM

PasswordSafe 3.40 for Windows has been released.

20 September 2016


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Posted 02 April 2017 - 03:12 PM

PasswordSafe 3.42.0 / 3.42.1


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Posted 05 July 2017 - 08:00 PM

PasswordSafe version 3.43 for Windows has been released.

5 July 2017



New Features for V3.43.0
  • 832 If many databases are open at the same time, after opening a database, the user can specify a database index (1-99) that will be superimposed on the System Tray icon to aid identification. In addition, the System Tray icon tooltip has been enhanced to show more of the database name.
  •  You can now specify additional command line parameters to the external editor used to edit the Notes field from the Add/Edit Basic dialog.
  •  It is now possible to export the currently filtered entries to a new PasswordSafe database.
  • 833 Right-clicking on a base entry now allows you to select any one of its dependants, i.e. alias or shortcut.
  • 834 We've added the option of displaying the safe combination when entering during database creation, opening and change of combination.



Bugs fixed in V3.43.0

1410 Don't forget '-r' flag when database not found, and needs to be searched.

1409 An entry is now correctly re-selected after editing if the preference "Save database immediately after any change" is disabled.

1403 Help has been updated to document that an entry's Notes field has a size limit of 30,000 characters.

1402 Group image is now correct after dragging an empty sub-group to the next higher level.

1401 After deleting an entry, the next visible entry (if present) is selected. If not present, then the previous entry (if present) will be selected.

1400 The Toolbar now correctly disables buttons when a Group is selected.

1399 A disabled image is now shown when no characters to copy are available. This has also been implemented wherever the "Copy Password" button is used outside the Toolbar.


Changes to Existing Features in V3.43.0

809 Maximum configurable idle timeout increased to 10 hours.

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Posted 09 October 2017 - 07:48 PM

PasswordSafe version 3.44 for Windows has been released.

8 October 2017


New Features for V3.44.0

  • When exporting a group or the results of a filter, if any additional entries have been exported (e.g. base entries of aliases or shortcuts already exported), they will be noted in the Export report.

844 The default font for the password field is now 12pt Consolas.

843 The default font for Tree/List views, Add/Edit fields and an entry's Notes is now 10pt Segoe UI.

842 A new symbol (paperclip - Unicode U+01F4CE) to indicate that an entry has an attachment (V4 databases only) has been implemented but, if the currently selected Tree/List font does not support it and the user is not running Windows 10, then the old symbol ('+') will be used.

841 Close/exit is now allowed via System Tray icon when the database is open in read-only mode. 839 The list of expired entries now shows protected entries in italics, indicating that they must be unprotected before they can be updated.

828 The main window can now be set to be partially transparent via Manage->Options->Display.



Bugs Fixed in V3.44.0

1438 Double backslash is now correctly parsed in Run Command.

1432 Perform autotype of correct entry when the user changes the selection made by a Find.

1431 The protected entry padlock symbol is now used in all places where a protected entry is listed in any dialog.

1430 If an expired or about to be expired entry is edited at database open (requires warning preference to be enabled), the database will be saved if the 'Save database immediately after any change' preference is enabled. After the open is complete, these changes can be undone/redone if required.

1429 Tree and List views now retain focus when a shortcut entry is created.

1428 Remember Find toolbar state when restoring from minimized.

1420 The virtual keyboard font size setting is now persistent. 1398 Remember if PasswordSafe was maximized when exited.


Changes to Existing Features in V3.44.0

  • The option that allows you to change the color of the system tray icon displayed when Password Safe is initially started and when there's no open database has been removed. The standard PasswordSafe brown icon will be used.
  • Use the Add/Edit font in preference to the Tree/List font outside the actual Tree/List views (since the Tree/List fonts may be too large).

All files - https://sourceforge....ordsafe/3.44.0/

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Posted 21 January 2018 - 06:49 PM

PasswordSafe 3.45.0



Website (more info) - https://www.pwsafe.org/news.shtml
Downloads @ Sourceforge -bhttp://sourceforge.n...wordsafe/files/

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Posted 15 September 2018 - 07:22 PM

PasswordSafe  3.47.2 for Windows

6 September 2018

Bugs Fixed in V3.47.2

  • 1468 Reverted clipboard timed clearing function introduced in 3.47.0, as this broke the clipboard functionality on some systems.


PasswordSafe version 3.47.1

Bugs Fixed in V3.47.1

  • &bull Change clipboard clearing delay from 3 to 30 seconds.
  • 1466 Disable Undo/Redo toolbar buttons when opening database (and there's nothing to undo/redo)
  • GH575 Resized Properties dialog for non-English texts.


PasswordSafe version 3.47

New Features for V3.47.0

  • 862 Last time the master password was changed is kept and displayed in File->Properties.

Bugs Fixed in V3.47.0

  1. &bull Clipboard is more secure - cleared 3 seconds after copied data is first pasted.
  2. 1465 Removed possibility of not setting Yubikey in changed passphrase by mistake.
  3. 1453 Fixed regression in tooltip display introduced in fix of BR1449.
  4. 1448 Less confusing behavior when the current safe can't be found upon restore.

PasswordSafe version 3.46

Bugs Fixed in V3.46.0

  • 1458 Fixed compatability issue between Unix and Windows versions when master password had non-ASCII characters.
  • 1457 Protect Entry / Group now works when language isn't English.
  • 1456 Shortcut entries no longer use default username if base entry's username is empty.
  • 1455 Ctrl+Enter shortcut now works correctly in read-only mode.
  • 1454, G411 No longer thinks security preference has changed when it hasn't.