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It's time to regulate Facebook

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Posted 12 February 2012 - 06:47 PM

February 08, 2012
It's time to regulate Facebook
Facebook, Google, Twitter, and every other data-sucking Web giant should be forced to reveal exactly what data they collect about us -- before it's too late
By Robert X. Cringely | InfoWorld

Yes, I know. That headline alone will cause anti-regulation conservatives to burst an artery and libertarians to swallow their tongues. Overall, our government does a poor job regulating technology, in large part because many of our elected representatives are still searching for the "any" key (or having their aides do it for them). But hear me out.

Last weekend Chicago-Kent College of Law professor Lori Andrews published an essay in the New York Times titled "Facebook Is Using You" -- to which any Web 2.0-savvy person would reply, "well, duh."

Her point, though, is worth exploring. As pressure to find new revenue streams increases on a post-IPO Facebook, it's very likely to use its treasure trove of data for more than just delivering targeted ads.