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Windows 8 SKUs mentioned on HP.com

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Posted 25 February 2012 - 09:32 AM

Windows 8 SKUs mentioned on HP.com

By Stephen Chapman | February 24, 2012, 2:13am PST

Summary: Windows 8 SKUs get a shout-out in some recent documentation on HP.com. Are they the real deal, document placeholders, or something else altogether?

During a bout of recent research, I stumbled upon a couple of driver documents on HP?s Web site that make mention of a few Windows 8 SKUs ? something Microsoft has yet to relay any specifics about up to this point. Both documents (one and two) are revision notes for the Alcor Micro Smart Card Reader Driver, which, next to a section titled ?operating system(s),? lists the following:

  • Microsoft Windows 8 32 Edition
  • Microsoft Windows 8 64 Edition
  • Microsoft Windows 8 Enterprise 32 Edition
  • Microsoft Windows 8 Enterprise 64 Edition
  • Microsoft Windows 8 Professional 32 Edition
  • Microsoft Windows 8 Professional 64 Edition

To note, Steven Sinofsky broached the topic of Windows 8 SKUs back in September 2011, but he did so in a rather ambiguous manner:

As everyone knows, two things are always the case early on. First, the software is not done and things will change?features will be added and removed. Second, the different editions or SKUs are not developed or announced until late in the development process (closer to market availability).

As an aside, it is early to start the dialogue about a preference for one SKU with Windows. We?re well aware of this feedback and we always need to balance it with the feedback from our business partners who value a different approach. We?ll cross that bridge when we come to it. Interestingly, the feedback about Media Center was predominantly ?we will pay extra, just include it? based on the input directly to me. Today Media Center is part of ?premium? SKUs for Windows, which means that is the case today.

Back to the documentation I unearthed, there are plenty of similar revision notes from the same time frame that do not list these Windows 8 SKUs, and if anyone would be privy to Windows 8 SKU information at this point, it would be HP. Is this our first glimpse of some finalized Windows 8 SKUs, or is this just documentation filler? If the latter, then why not simply copy the Windows 7 SKUs as a quick, simple template, then replace all the 7s with 8s?

Read more: http://www.zdnet.com...nt;feature-roto

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Posted 26 February 2012 - 08:22 PM

Microsoft Likely to Limit Windows 8 Edition Selections

By Gregg Keizer, Computerworld Feb 26, 2012 7:13 pm

Microsoft will probably trim the number of Windows 8 editions it will sell later this year, but won't mimic Apple's online-only approach to OS upgrades, a retail sales analyst said last week.

In developed countries, including the U.S., Microsoft offers Windows 7 in four SKUs, or editions: Home Premium, Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate. All but Enterprise -- available only to volume licensees such as major corporations -- are sold to the general public.

Evidence uncovered by ZDNet blogger Stephen Chapman -- who found a list of Windows 8 SKUs on a pair of Hewlett-Packard support documents -- hints at just three editions of the upcoming OS: a generic "Windows 8," Professional and Enterprise.

Missing from that list: Ultimate.

Read more: http://www.pcworld.c....html#tk.hp_new