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Does Windows 8 programming lack creativity?

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Posted 17 March 2012 - 06:23 PM

Does Windows 8 programming lack creativity?
By Chris Boss


Windows 8 brings a totally new user interface model with its Metro environment, which is receiving mixed response from developers and end-user customers. The tile-like UI certainly is different from the classic desktop.

Does Metro mean that software will be even more creative than in previous Windows generations? Is there an inherent flaw in software design that prevents us from getting better software and will it still exist with Windows 8?

One Size Fits All Doesn't Always Work

I learned an interesting lesson when switching from developing end-user software to designing tools for programmers. I quickly realized that one size (or model) doesn't fit all. I had to make a choice. Do I build software tools so they work exactly like everyone elses' or do I design tools with the ability to be different things to different people?

A common rule you will often see touted in the software industry is that user interfaces should always follow certain fixed rules so all software is consistant. For years, Microsoft encouraged Windows software developers to maintain a certain look and feel. Now with Windows 8, Metro once again forces a certain look and feel (no windows, full screen and flat-looking UI elements). In the early years of the personal computer, there were no such rules so programmers were, in my opinion, more likely to be creative, to come up with new and exciting ways for users to interact with their software.

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