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When Windows goes wrong, try Kernel Mode Drivers Manager

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Posted 02 May 2012 - 06:44 PM

When Windows goes wrong, try Kernel Mode Drivers Manager
By Mike Williams

Whether your PC is slow, unstable, or perhaps infected by malware, checking your system?s kernel mode drivers is often a good place to begin diagnosing your problems. And you don?t have to install any third-party software to get started: just running MSINFO32 and browsing to Software Environment > System Drivers will give you a basic view of what?s currently installed.

If that?s a little too basic for your liking, though, you could try Kernel Mode Drivers Manager. It?s still very straightforward to use (you don?t have to be a geek to figure out what?s going on), but the program also provides a number of useful extras to help you get a better understanding of what?s happening on your system.

The program starts by displaying all the core details you need, of course: driver file name, publisher, description and so on. And it sensibly sorts this list by driver load order, so you can immediately get a feel for how important specific drivers might be.
You can remove Microsoft kernel mode drivers from the list, to help you concentrate on everything else (right-click the list, select Hide Microsoft Drivers).

The program can highlight suspect files, too (right-click, select Highlight Suspicious Modules). We wouldn?t place too much reliance on this, in our experience it raises a lot of false alarms, but if you think your system might be infected by malware then it could at least give you some files to check first.

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